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Cancellation Policy

Appointments made are a time reserved especially for You. The Better Life Centre supports you with a clear cancellation/DNA policy to ensure that we can make the most of the precious time we have.


We recognise cancellation/DNA policies can be unpleasant and honestly, we would rather we didn’t have to, but we must ensure we can provide a service to all our clients and remain viable to continue to support you. Consultation time is the basis of our practice and late cancellations mean that another client may miss out on an opportunity to receive support, a psychologist may have wasted preparation time, have their schedule disrupted and lose income. Unlike brief medical appointments, a 50min psychology appointment is significant in a day and difficult to refill.

The Office of Fair-Trading states that a business is within its rights to charge a cancellation or ‘no show’ fee for appointments. To assist you with this you are informed of the Cancellation/DNA policy.

  • When you make the initial booking

  • In your booking confirmation email

  • In your reminder email before Your scheduled appointment time

  • In your reminder SMS sent 2 days before Your scheduled appointment time

  • On our website.

  • As displayed in the clinic.

While we help you be aware of your appointment times, you should not rely on this as your appointment times are your responsibility. We are happy to forward you a list of your scheduled appointments – just ask.

Our cancellation policy is like that of many other industries, for example, when you book a seat on a plane you pay whether you arrive at the airport or not. Late cancellations, late rescheduling, or failure to attend an appointment is a loss to three people – You in delaying your therapy, another client who is waiting to see a psychologist, and the psychologist themselves.

You can cancel an appointment by return email or responding to the SMS or by phoning the clinic on 33535430.

If you make a cancellation within one full business day, that is less than 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment time, then a cancellation fee of 100% of the scheduled fee will be charged. If you are cancelling a Monday appointment, this would need to be done on a Friday to meeting the full business day.

Cancel more than 24hrs before the scheduled appointment so no cancellation fee will be incurred.

Please note Medicare, private health insurance, and third-party providers do not give rebates for cancellation fees.

We understand that, on occasion, unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from attending your scheduled appointment; however, as a professional practice, we must adhere to a cancellation policy to maintain our services. Please do not ask our reception staff to be responsible for your unforeseen circumstances. The cancellation fee is payable at the time of the cancellation, and we appreciate your understanding, courtesy, politeness, and respect as we do our job following these guidelines. As always, though, talk to us about your circumstances.

We cannot guarantee that another appointment can be made for you at short notice so rather than cancelling the appointment, where appropriate, please consider keeping the scheduled appointment via online or phone consultation if you cannot attend the clinic in person.

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