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Our Clinicians

Psychologists are experts in human behaviour. They use scientific methods to study the factors that influence the way that people think, feel and learn, and evidence-based strategies and interventions to help people to overcome challenges and improve lives. Better Life Centre psychologists work directly with those experiencing difficulties of all sorts, including anxiety and depression.

Psychologists can work at an individual, group or organisational level and their ability to positively influence human behaviour. The complex and interconnected work that psychologists do to help people lead happier and more meaningful lives is always underpinned by research.

The Australian Government registers all psychologists.

There is only one register for all psychologists. Individuals that meet the minimum standard are accepted onto this register as ‘general registration’.

Area of practice endorsement builds on general registration. Area of practice endorsement (AoPE) identifies psychologists who have advanced qualifications and supervised practice in one or more of nine approved areas:

  • clinical neuropsychology

  • clinical psychology

  • community psychology

  • counselling psychology

  • educational and developmental psychology

  • forensic psychology

  • health psychology

  • organisational psychology

  • sport and exercise psychology


Psychologists who have an area of practice endorsement have had extra qualifications endorsed by the Registration Board. These extra qualifications are in a specific area of work. There are NO specialist psychologists in Australia.

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