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Is it time to go to relationship therapy?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Too often we wait to seek the help that we need. A huge reason for this is that there is still stigma attached to attending relationship therapy.

We might believe a number of myths:

  • That we have to be in crisis mode to seek help

  • That we should be able to manage it all on our own (if this is how we have always coped)

  • That our partner is to blame and if they just change, it will be okay.

  • That if relationships take work, then they aren't "meant to be"

What we know from research is that: "The average couple waits six years before seeking professional help for marital problems." (Gottman).

Our relationship therapist Jodie works with her clients to take away the shame of seeking help. She can support you to create a more satisfying relationship with all the important people in your life. And to create a more satisfying relationship with self.

She explains: "An obstacle towards secure attachment in a relationship is trying to be who we think our partner wants us to be. Instead of being authentic to who we are."

Something so important to Jodie is giving you more options, where you normally feel stuck with competing options. She helps you with:

  • A broad range of skills to use in relationships

  • A deeper understanding of your attachment style and your partner/s attachment style

  • The link between your childhood history and current relationship difficulties

  • A library of resources to support your growth

  • Understanding of your conflict and sexual cycle

  • Sex and desire in relationships

  • Making sense of trauma and attachment injury (i.e. infidelity)

  • Navigating separation, divorce and co-parenting

  • Pre-Martial support

  • Reclaiming your nervous system

  • Finding a balance between independence and dependence in relationships

  • Processing grief and loss

  • The importance of emotional intimacy

She is trained in emotionally focused therapy, which is considered the gold standard set out by bodies such as APA for psychotherapy research.

She works with all clients, all relationships, whether dyadic (two people), polyamorous, monogamous or consensually non-monogamous, across the sexuality and gender spectrum and of all neurotypes. She respects the cultural and spiritual context in which people live and love.


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