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Shakayla's Therapy Dog

Phoebe is an 8-year-old golden retriever with a heart full of love and compassion. Her favourite things include spending quality time with family, going on long walks, visiting cafes, frolicking at the beach, chomping sticks, indulging in well-deserved naps, and, of course, receiving plenty of scratches. As you might know, golden retrievers are renowned for their beautiful, social nature and innate ability to provide comfort and emotional support.

Animal-assisted therapy involves the inclusion of trained animals, like Phoebe, in therapy sessions to enhance the therapeutic experience. Research has shown that interactions with therapy animals can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting feelings of joy and relaxation. These loving animals can help create a safe and welcoming space for clients, encouraging emotional expression and fostering a positive therapeutic environment.

During your sessions, Phoebe will work closely with us to support and complement your therapeutic journey. Her presence aims to facilitate emotional connections, promote relaxation, and offer unconditional acceptance. As a therapy dog, Phoebe has been trained to sense and respond to emotions, providing gentle nudges and comfort when needed most.

Here's how you can interact with Phoebe during your sessions:

  • Patting and Cuddling: Phoebe loves gentle pets and cuddles. Her warm and furry presence can help soothe nerves and reduce anxiety.

  • Verbal Engagement: Talking to Phoebe can be surprisingly therapeutic. Feel free to share your thoughts, worries, or feelings with her; she's a great listener!

  • Mindful Moments: Phoebe is a pro at living in the present moment. Learning from her mindful approach can be beneficial for grounding and reducing stress.

  • Relaxation: If you enjoy it, Phoebe is more than happy to share her love for napping, and you're welcome to join her in finding some peace and serenity.


It's important to note that while Phoebe is a well-trained accredited therapy dog, your comfort and safety are always paramount. If you have any concerns or preferences regarding her involvement in your sessions, please don't hesitate to share them with us.

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