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Dr MariaRosa Mallardo

Educational and Developmental Psychologist

MariaRosa believes strongly in a team approach in supporting young people and their families and is adept in liaising with schools and other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. She is a warm and compassionate psychologist who relies on evidence-based research to guide her practice. She has worked with young people and families for the last 20 years in educational and mental health settings, private practice and research.  Her work has focussed on the areas of learning difficulties and disabilities, developmental delays and conditions, school readiness, anxiety, parenting support, challenging behaviours, peer relationships and social skills.

MariaRosa has extensive experience in the area of psychometric assessment of children and young adults. This work began in the mid-90’s, when she joined a University of London research team assessing the role of friendship in children’s development, and lead to a love of working with young people to better understand their needs. Her Master’s degree involved assessment of learning disorders and during her doctoral degree at the University of Queensland, she worked individually with families with young children on an autism spectrum research project. More recently, she has been involved in the Down Syndrome Research Project at the University of Queensland, a longitudinal study where she conducted assessments with young adults with Down Syndrome on multiple occasions as they aged, and caught up on their excitement about moving out of home or entering a new phase of their adult life.

During the assessment process, MariaRosa works closely with parents and schools to ensure that she has an accurate understanding of the unique person that she is assessing including their strengths, interests, and the challenges they face in their different environments. This allows her to write reports that are clear and thorough and provide practical recommendations for how to best support the young person in nurturing their strengths and meeting their learning needs.

Areas of Interest
  • Psychological and educational assessment

  • Intellectual impairment

  • Developmental conditions

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Grief and loss

  • Adjustment disorders

  • Behavioural concerns

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Young Adults

  • Families

  • Friday

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